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send secured files via my website

I want to be able to send a client an email with a link where they can find and download a file or a folder. This has to be secure. I can dedicate a page or more to this process. I currently use CuteFTP Pro but am open to other methods of upload.
It would also be great to be notified of their DL or have some way of tracking.
I use Win XP Pro and FrontPage for maintaining my website. Host is Outlook 2003.
Many thanks!
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Why not try a service such as   I think this can do what you require.
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I want to host this on my own website. The box,net plans are too expensive, too, for my needs and purposes.
It sounds like you are running a "flat" site with individual pages and not using a content management system (Joomla, Drupal) or a blog (Wordpress).   Without some form of tool for site management, setting up what you are looking for is not simple.    

A service like is very easy to use, looks professional, is convenient, and free for up to 5Gb!  Likewise, more and more companies and individuals are turning to cloud-based solutions like this.  

Do you need to host more than 5Gb at a time?
I need to specify what I was looking for: I want to send a client an email that there is a file waiting for them to DL. This does not involve anything beyond that.
It needs to be HIPAA compliant.
It needs to be really easy to use and my email and the place they go to need to look highly professional.
I am familiar with Yousendit etc and was hoping to use my existing website for this purpose.

Again, this is what I would like to do: The client would get an email directly from me (not from some cloud service) with a link to my website. I am already set up to upload easily to my website. They would DL the file, I would know this and can then delete the file. It has to be secure so only that client can go to that page and DL the file or folder.
If this can be done, please advise.
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YouSendIt, SendThisFile, etc. are all HiPAA compliant. But the site you recommended seems to do what I want, so I will try it out.

I appreciate your help.
If you site can run ASP and you can do a little coding, this might work -