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Cisco: Trusting CoS from neighboring switch

I was looking at some netflow data from my WAN router and noticed that only some of the SCCP traffic was appropriately marked to AF31.  I had used lazy man's auto-QoS.  The topology:

{MPLS Cloud}-s1-[Cisco1841 WAN]-fe0/1-[Cisco2811_integratedSwitch]-fe0/15-[Cisco3750]--fe0/12-[Cisco7945Gphone]

SCCP traffic from  a phone attached to the Cisco 2811's integrated switch ends up marked as expected AF31.  But SCCP traffic from a phone attached to the adjacent 3750 is winding up CS0 (all 0's).  On the trunk between the adjacent 3750 and the 2811 integrated switch - what QoS config is needed to that the SCCP traffic remains at AF31.  Thanks.
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Perhaps if I just add:

mls qos trust dscp the trunked interface this would do the trick?
can you show us your policy map
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Cool - thanks.
what should a configuration look like for a port that connects to the Call Mangager or Voice Gateway..

mls qos trust dscp? or mls qos trust cos?