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Windows Service OnStart() and OnStop()

My windows service is having the below IF condition in OnStart() as first line.

if (ConfigurationSettings.AppSettings["Environment"].ToString().ToUpper().Equals("DEV"))

If this IF condition becomes true, does it stop running? does it exicute OnStop() method?

Or does it continue running?

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Miguel Oz
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These are only actions:
OnStart: to initialize your service
OnStart: to do clean up/ free resources in your service when the service is stopped by/from Windows.
They will not stop the service from running, it continues executing whatever your service code is
What are you trying to do when its DEV?
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The short answer to your question is:

    Yes. If you haven't already spawned the thread or timer, then when you call 'return' from within OnStart(), your service will be stopped. OnStop() will not be called since it will appear to the system that the service never started.
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Thank You
NP. Glad to help :)