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Access Point can Ping out of network, but clients cannot.

I had my EAP-3660 AP working fine for month, suddenly clients connected to the AP cannot get outside of my network.  However, using the diagnostics on the AP, I can ping whatever address I like without issue.

I've ensured that all settings are the same as they have always been, reset the AP and my SonicWall TZ-190 router and re-setup the AP.  I've inspected my SonicWall router to make sure I cannot detect any issues with it preventing the network traffic.

Since anyone hardwired to the network has full WAN access, I assume this has something to do with the AP and not the network as a whole.

Anyone have any ideas?
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Are there any VLAN settings activated on the device and are you using the multiple SSID feature? Just wanted to get some extra information.

Would you also post the IP information that the wireless machines are getting and the IP information from the hard wired computers. It's possible that there's an issue with DNS here.

Let us know!
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There is no VLAN active, nor multiple SSID.  This is a very very small office (12 workstations, only 2 or 3 wifi connections at a time).

The wifi connected machines are assigned IPs correctly and within the scope dictated by the server, so I'm fairly certain there is no other DHCP server causing conflict (the DHCP server on the SonicWall is disabled).

The hard wired computers are all static IP.  I will attach my laptop the network physically and see if the DHCP is giving out the correct information that way.

Wifi attached machines can ping the gateway, even resolve domain names, so connectivity to the server is not an issue.

I will test further based on your recommendations.

Would it be possible to also assign the same static information to the laptops when on the WiFi to see if that get's you anywhere? You could also try adding the ISP's DNS information along with your server's address to the laptops.
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this could be either routing error or firewall issue
First - make sure firewall has either ICMP ANY or PING allowed
and secondly, is the WiFi and the wired LAN on the same or different subnets? i.e. do they have the same ip-addresses? if not - do the router have knowledge of the ip-addresses of the wireless clients? the router needs to know where to send data to wireless clients
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Turns out to be more simple than all this.  I was out for two weeks, and someone altered the DCHP (for God only knows what reason).  Therefore, any device using DHCP was getting the wrong default gateway.

Thanks for the help, I did learn a bit following some of the leads.
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Wasn't directly the answer, but lead me in the direction to diagnose the issue.