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Compiling VB6 project under XP vs Windows 7


We compile several programs using VB6 on a machine with Windows XP.  The .exe file is distributed to users often with Vista or 7.  

So, my question is - is it better to compile an .exe on a machine with Windows 7 for use on machines with 7?  Does the .exe file run better, more reliably?  Are there any ramifications with XP users?

If you feel that VB6 projects should be compiled on a Windows 7 OS for distribution to users who have Vista and 7, is an xp to 7 upgrade ok, or should we upgrade the OS and then reinstall VB6?

Many thanks!
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Dhiraj Mutha
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We do a significant amount of registry mods, file and folder creation.  Our software is quite stable, but occasionally there arises some inexplicable issue on a specific user's machine.

On a fresh install users are prompted 'This program installed correctly' or 'Reinstall with recommended settings'.  Would compiling on a 7 machine perhaps make the program more acceptable to the os?
Then i would suggest to to install Win 7 and install vb again, but i am not sure whether vb 6 works on win 7.
It appears that VB6 will work on 7, but I will try it and post my results here.

Thanks for your help!!!
Thanks kindly!