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Power supply for Intel DX58SO Board

I have only built a couple of computers. Currently I am building a new computer with the Intel DX58SP Extreme board.

I have a Intel Core I7-950 Processor. I got a TX750W power supply which states will work with the board and processor but doesn't fit my Antec 300 hundred minitower form factor.

I have been looking for other power supply recommendations for the board I bought. I can't find a recommendation in the documentation with the board for a power supply and my Googles for recommended power supplys have not produced anything that seems a sure bet.

Can anyone recommend a good power supply for this board and processor that I have which will fit the Antec 300 hundred mini tower that I have?
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I feel like a moron. It does fit. I was going to upload a picture showing how it didn't fit when it did. It was a small brace by the corner that I was catching the unit on. Just needed to hold it up a little to move around it.

Wish I could say that I was having a little holiday cheer and that is why I couldn't get it to fit. Anyway thanks and Merry Christimas if we're still allowed to say that.
Glad you got it installed.   Enjoy your new system -- an i7-950 is a superb processor.

Merry Christmas & have a great New Years.

... Now that you've got the system installed, go have some holiday cheer :-)