newbie CSS - cant move content within footer

I'm trying to move down the content in my footer so it is below the white vertical line.
Works in IE7 but not in Firefox for some reason.
I modified a template quite a bit but since I'm a newbie there is probably lots of bad coding.

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This is sample code to put footer on bottom of page            
<div id="responseHolder">
                <div id="responseText"></div>
                <img src="../images/core/iconsLarge/loading.gif" alt="loader" />

#responseHolder {
     position: fixed;
       right: 0px;
       bottom: 0px;
       height: 50px;  //your height
       width: 100%;  //your width

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gccoalAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the code te-edu but can you explain to me HOW / WHY this code will automatically go at the bottom of the page?
There is an even easier way to do this.

You didn't clear your floats

in your css for #footer add

#footer {
    clear: both;
    margin-top: 5px;
    padding: 20px 0;
    text-align: left;
    top: 875px;
    width: 717px;

Once you do that you can then get rid of the <br>'s you put in the footer trying to get it to drop down.
If you are using <br> for layout, then you know you are probably doing something wrong.  :)

te-edu's css will position the content at the very bottom of the page due to position:fixed
it is based on absolute positioning model but fixed in respect to the viewport. It does not move when scrolled.
gccoalAuthor Commented:
Both comments were helpful but Mel took time to look at my code.
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