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"ASP.NET is not authorized to access the requested resource" error

Getting the below "ASP.NET is not authorized to access the requested resource" error.  How do I remedy this?

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In relation to IIS there is a reference and tip by Ivailo Gardev where he suggests via this link:

He litterally states, "We had similar error 80070005 problem in our team. The problem was with IIS server in XP Professional environment. FoxPro 9 (foxisapi) was used for dynamic creation of the web pages.  It is strange, but the problem was resolved by changing the value in “User Name” field in the Authentication Method popup window (Control Panel > IIS > Default Web Site > Properties > page Directory Security > Anonymous Access – Edit button). The value was changed to 'EVERYONE' and the error has disappeared. However, "everyone" is not the only possible word. Seems that all words, which are different than the names of the existing IWAM_* and IUSR_* users are OK. "

Another user via the same page states, "My error 80070005 was down to a setting within IIS for my website. The default application is set to "default application pool", whereas I have changed this is "Exchange Application" and it now works fine."

The link I included has screenshot information as well.