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allied assault

In allied assualt medal of honor , how do i get more ammo as i keep running out.

when i kill someone is their a way to get their ammo?

I am at the second part after the SAS agent with barely anything to shoot.
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Corey Habbas
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From what I could find out there it said:

"Insert : Unlimited ammo ON Delete : Unlimited Ammo OFF"  
and the link is here.  I am assuming this is for single player and home use for make the game easier because of entertainment value.

I used to really get frustrated by pac-man on my Atari 2600.  Back then I didn't knwo about these kind of tips.
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how to i pick up ammo from my kills and i press e over a rifle and nothing happens
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☠ MASQ ☠

You can only reload a weapon of the same type otherwise it happens automatically.