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Server 2008 R2, IIS 7.5, ISAPI Rewrite redirecting page to ColdFusion file throws 500 error

Hi experts!  

Server 2008 R2 Enterprise
ColdFusion 8 Enterprise configured as a multiple server with JRUN4
Helicon ISAPI Rewrite

I have an ISAPI rewrite ( rule that's redirecting requests in this form:


I have three older sites on this server that this is working fine.

I upgraded ISAPI rewrite to Helicon APE in April.  I'm just now adding a new rule to redirect to a cfm page and it's failing.  It fails if added to a working .htaccess file but the old rule still works!  It also fails on a totally new web site.

The above redirect is throwing an IIS 500 internal server error.  The detailed error information includes:

Requested URL:
Physical Path:  d:\websites\mydomain\index.cfm

If I copy/paste the requested URL into the browser it works fine.  So CF is definitely working...just not when it's being redirected.

Any ideas on this guys?
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You can see an example of this behavior on this page:
This is on the same server... notice it's working correctly
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