what are the possible application to apply this cap


This is not a web app, so where can I apply it? for what reasons?
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It can not be for different reasons than what Web Sites are applying it for.
To distinguish whether the process has been performed by human being or automated by machine or another process. For example, if you have application that has some Editboxes and button, when the button is clicked the values of the Eidtboxes will be saved in a database. This process could be handeled by another application by putting the value in the Editboxes and click the button by using Windows Messages. If you want to add records in the database only after ensuring that the fields were entered by the user in your original application and not by another application then here you can use this capability. This is not the only case, that's a one of mane examples, it could be any kind of process such as network connection (Client and Server applications where the Captcha is ensured to be correct before communicating) and so many cases but the idea should be similar which is create a challenge to ensuring that it's a user that is handling the process and not a computer automated.

You can check the definition of CAPTCHA in WikiPedia not matter where it is applied the goal is always the same:
systanAuthor Commented:
So, it can't be used in the web app? it can only be used in desktop app?
It can be used in any application, web application, web site as long as it is possible to be implemented, but the point is that is it really useful or you are going to need it?

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systanAuthor Commented:
What I mean, it can be used.  iS the delphi code useful for other app? maybe in wep app like php dev?

Merry Christmas too.
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