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Double click to open a folder turn to Single click???

Dear EE members,
I am facing some problems with my mouse since yesterday, the window xp operation suddenly
reboot and dump file during I surf some IT web sites in Internet Explorer.

Later, I found that folder in my desktop auto open when the computer reboot itself.
Since then, the mouse click turn from double click to open become single click to open a folder.

I have watch the default setting from Folder option. The setting is double click to open a folder.
But, the system sometime perform double click to open and sometime perform single click to open.

I have also check my mouse property in control panel -> all normal.

I have restored the system to previous week, but no improvement to the situation.

I have updated my virus pattern, OS Service Pack. But, there is no cure to my situation.

Any solution to this issue.

Many thanks.


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Symantec Antivirus

Try un-installing it, run these tools, then install AVG & try
Dear helper,
Thanks for the direction. I will continue scanning and let you know the result on next Tuesday.

Merry Chrismas to you and your family.


Thanks, same 2 u & ur family & all EE Members....
It is also possible that your mouse is playing up, so are you able to try with another mouse?
Try to use this if no other apps above wouldn't help you.
Hi! houssam_ballout:
I have scan the PC via ComboFix.exe and it show me a log file. How to check any infection and whether these files have been removed by ComboFix?
I observe that X:\Qoobox\Quarantine has some files with vir extension -> Is this virus files that quarantined by ComboFix?

malwarebytes has detected trojan.bho in registry and it has removed. But, this has slow down the PC after removal.
If your System means computer reboot itself. maybe some OS files are corrupted, try to repair OS
I hope you should get success after repair OS


If Windows repair doesn't help, then you will need to save all your data and reinstall Windows.
Install kaspersky2011, even in trial edition, it works well with this kind of viruses.
Combofix is best to kill virus. Anyway, I have restore my system to two weeks ago and the problem solved.