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Looking for a nice SMALL CAPS TTF font!

I am trying to find a nice TTF font like the one attached.

The reason why I don't like using this one anymore is that it simply doesn't look good unless the size is at '8' for this font. I need it to at least look decent with sizes around 10 (8-12 would be nice size). I'm not concerned about anything bigger though.

I'm using this for a project. Pretty much the only thing concerned is that it's is using 'small caps' for the lower case letters like the example has, and is not overbloated (oversized as in too 'bold' or uses too much space length wise vs a normal sized font, though I know it's going to be a bit bigger due to using small caps.)

TTF font only please! I'm looking for a couple of them at least. I've tried to look around but I"m having huge issues searching specifically for what I want, and I'm having trouble scrolling through a ton of fonts due to having some eye troubles when doing so.

In the image you can 'kind' of see the small fonts, theres not much difference when it gets larger apparently. But you can see in the second image how more 'clean' it looks anyways.


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Ahh this font was perfect, thank you!