MySQL Limitations for huge data / Drupal Framework

I want to use Drupal framework with MySql database for a portal with a lot of data, I mean 5-6 million records on some tables.
Is there any limitation in MySql for such amount of data?

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This would be depends on the size of the each database and the hosting server it supports...

please refer

some hosting providers do offer the follwoing

MySQL databases are limited to 200 MB each. The number of databases your site can utilize depends on whether you have an Economy, Deluxe, or Unlimited plan.

MySQL Database Limits
Economy: 10
Deluxe: 25
Unlimited: No limit
For more information about MySQL databases, see the following articles:
Setting Up a MySQL database for Your website
Setting up a MySQL Database on Your Windows Hosting Account.
Super222Author Commented:
Dear kalmax,

I want to know the limitation of MySQL by itself, not the providers' limitations. I have my own dedicated server to install and run the MySQL.

Usama FoadIT ManagerCommented:
MySQL can handle your 6 Mega records or more if you want. There are other limitations as kalmax mention.

Is there any limitation in MySql for such amount of data?
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Ray PaseurCommented:
MySQL can handle arbitrarily large amounts of data.  When you get to the billions of rows, you may run into anomalies with the auto_increment integer keys.  And if you're concerned about performance, so you index the tables, you want to have a server that has a lot of memory so the keys can be in storage at all times.

Table with six million rows?  Not a problem at all -- that is squarely in the wheelhouse.

- "The minimum tablespace size is 10MB. The maximum tablespace size is four billion database pages (64TB). This is also the maximum size for a table. "

The MySQL software will never struggle with the data you throw at it, it will be the host limitations.

I work with tables with over 85million records in with no issues.

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I find a bigger limitation is in maintenance.

For example, try using mysqldump to dump out 200 gig worth of databases.
You probably could not run such a job each day because it would likely
run for more than 24 hours to do so.

Try restoring a 200 gig worth of databases from a mysqldump.
It would also likely take you well over a day -- not a good scenario if you
are recoverying a production database from a backup because of a media
failure or corruption.

So unless you are doing mainly a read-only database system where you can
look at alternative backup/recovery techniques that don't come with MySQL
(e.g. suspending writes while you take a snapshot of your data), there is
a limit on total disk space usage of say 50 gig or less -- depending on the
power of the server you have set up etc.
If you are using MyISAM tables then you can always use mysqlhotcopy for backups.

There is also using partitions and a DIFF backup and backing up only the files that have changed

But this all really depends on the format of your data.
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