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I need to build my new access list..what is the standard.

Hi all,
dear I am planning to build my new access list on a L3 device. I need to know the standards to follow to set up the acess list?
for example what shall I need to open (like monitoring ports) and what I need to close.

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Where would you like to configure your access-list on the Edge of the Network where you are facing to the outside world (Internet) or it is local? give us some detail please.
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thnks to u all..
well i am just protecting my own sidewinder proxy and F5 load balancer.
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The "standard" is to allow only what you need and deny the rest.
You're not giving us any information at all, so you really cannot expect detailed answers.
You have to clearly define exatly what you need to allow and "all the rest" is easy part.