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Arkeia Backup - Issue with restoration


I am testing the Arkeia Network Product 8.2. I am using it as a VMWare Virtual Appliance. The appliance has a VTL attached and I am doing some tests backup.

I have created a Savepack with the option CBT (Change Block Tracking) selected and the transport mode as NBD.

The problem is that after the backup is made and I try to restore, its restoring the disk as Thin but its not only restoring the used blocks, but all the blocks to the VM.

While looking at logs, it doesnt say that disk is not available for CBT. I have contacted support but they are not sure what it could be.

Here is the logs of that backup,

A 2010/12/25 11:40:45 I02900005 B1293284444 Start of total backup: Savepack "test matrix", Drivepack "VMWare Matrix", Pool "VTL pool"
A 2010/12/25 11:40:45 I02900082 B1293284444 Start of Media Server ''
A 2010/12/25 11:40:45 I02900008 B1293284444 Owner is "root"
A 2010/12/25 11:40:46 I02900044 B1293284444 Adding savepack "test matrix"
A 2010/12/25 11:40:47 I02900000 B1293284444 You have successfully started backup
A 2010/12/25 11:40:54 I03900026 B1293284444 Using VTL 'VTL1'
A 2010/12/25 11:40:55 I04000000 B1293284444 [1] Backing up!vStorage:/1xx89.xx.17xxxx2.79/Sto Amaro/Cacti2
A 2010/12/25 11:41:00 I09500021 A1293284444 [1] Creating a snapshot of Cacti2

A 2010/12/25 11:41:03 I09500023 A1293284444 [1] Created a snapshot of Cacti2
A 2010/12/25 11:41:08 I09500033 A1293284444 [1] Cacti2: backup the whole disk 'Hard disk 1'

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Danny McDaniel
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I've never heard of or used that product before, but that is what I would expect for a full system restore.  Were you just trying to do a file level restore?
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This is a situation where you should just contact the vendor, instead of EE.  I would think that since you are evaluating a product, then they would like to sell it to you.  As such, I am sure they would be happy to assist.  They are certainly going to have access to information like bug reports and configuration constraints that only the manufacturer has access to.  

There are times when the "best" answer comes from the software vendor themselves.  This is one of them.
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Gerald Connolly
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Hello connolyg,

I am using this Image Level Thin-Full Backups (CBT).
I don't know why it does restore the full vm image.