Windows XP screwed up

My laptop was getting slowing down a lot, that's why decided to install XP again and then every thing screwed up, I've deleted the partition C, I've one more D partition, where I stored my data, and tried to install XP on C partition and had done this several times now, but still nothing is happening, now deleted my data partition too ... D, but still nothing is happening, just now try to install a brand new XP after removing and recreated both of the partitions: C & D.

Created 2 partitions C: 20 gb & D 18 gb

But no good, still the same old error:

No bootable devices -- Press <F1> to continue or <F2> to reboot

have tried both options; F1 or F2 ... but no use

after removeing the XP cd

Your help, assistance & guidance will highly be appreciated.

Best regards.
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Seems like disk or disk controller error. I would simply replace the HDD and then retry.
Hope it helps you
Set your patition on C Drive (where you install XP) into active partition.
Use FDISK to set the partition into active
el123Author Commented:
celazkon: means you are saying replace hard disk ... hmm this is Dell Inspiron 710 m laptop ... can I get its hard disk that easily ... don't know, but would like to try to fix it first, before spending any thing.

Weddeh: but it is not starting what should I do, can you please eleborate, I've 2 CD (took from my friend)
1: Dell XP Pro SP2
2. {Admin edit to remove reference -- _alias99}

Can you please assist here, what should be the steps.

Thanks again guys.
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First,during the Dell splash screen press F2 to go into the BIOS and set the boot order to use the CD first and the Hard Drive secondand then save and exit BIOS.

Next, put the CD put the Dell XP Pro SP2 disk into the CD/DVD drive.  When the welcome to Setup blue screen comes up press R to go to the recovery console.  If you are dual booting select the correct rive usually C: and then you can try to repair the master boot record in order to be able to boot by using the fixboot and/or the fixmbr commands.

If these do not work you may need a new hard drive that you can pickup at almost any electronics store these days.  Also, you can search Dell's website if you have access to another computer to find out exctly how to replace it.  

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May be you have removed HDD from bootable devices in BIOS?
XP installation was finished succesfully?
el123Author Commented:
Guys thanks for all of your help and assistance it worked ... what I did, in the boot sequence, removed every thing else and just left CD and placed my XP cd into and rebooted ... it worked ... awesome.

Right now started using laptop OS and now struggling to get drivers and obvioulsy for this would like to go to internet first, is there any way to do this fast, as all of my drivers were on my D hard disk, but due to problems, have to format every thing, now have no drivers.

So now assistance is needed at 2 places:
1. first get drivers at least connect to internet
2. the most important, after installing drivers and before installing Anti Virus, would like to take an image of this ... yes an image ... just in case, if this happened again, just copy/paste the image and all good.

thanks again for all of your assistance.
If you loaded your OS into Drive C it  shouhave all the necessary internet explorer drivers. If not reload wp into drive C. if you have a dell drivers CD, insert into cd drive and load the internet Chipset. It should be self explanatory.
If you do not have the drivers disk, you can download them from the link you put in your reply from a second computer and put them on a flash drive and copy them to your computer you got running.  If you are using the wired connection you will need the Broadcom driver.  If you use the wireless the best option would be to download all of the wireless drivers and then try each one util one installs

On your second question you can use the bckup utility from Microsoft by using the instructions here:

You can also use a third party application like Norton Ghost to take a full image.
noxchoProduct ManagerCommented:
Does the install process see the HDD at all? You could enter BIOS and change there the SATA mode of drive to IDE compatible mode. Then try to install XP.
el123Author Commented:
As mentioned earlier I'm good now, able to install xp pro on my laptop, now struggling with drivers, basically first of all how to get on to internet ... :-( can any one assist here.

If you have access to the Drivers CD/DVD you can put that in and get all the drivers including the wired and wireless drivers for your laptop.  If you do not have that disk, you will need to use aother computer and download the broadcom driver for your wired connection and look at the under side of your laptop to see what wirless network card you have to download again on a second computer.  You can then copy both of these drivers onto a usb thumb drive andthen insert the thumb drive into your laptop and run both programs that will then unzip all files and then go to C:\dell\drivers and go to the name of the exe that you extracted and run the driver installation.
noxchoProduct ManagerCommented:
Did you download the Broadcom driver from Dell site?
el123Author Commented:
thanks DenBro
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