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Trying to call an addin within Outlook when sending as email attachment from MS Office Application

Having a problem with an Outlook addin, that was created using VSTO.

If Outlook is open and I am in Word or any other MS Office application and I go to File, send as email attachment, everything works great. When Outlook is closed and if I right click on the document, say on either my local or network drive, and go to send to mail recipient everything is fine.

However, if Outlook is closed and and I am in an Office application such as word or excel and I go to File, send as email attachment for some reason the addin does not seem to be getting called.  I am not sure if there's a workaround for this or not. Any help would be appreciated..

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Alternately, you can declare the appOutlook variable as New Outlook.Application, and then close it from the ErrorHandlerExit code.  This method seems to work better for Office 2007 or higher.
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