Email Address in My Profile

How can I add a email address for my profile?  When I create an alert on a page.  It gives me the following error.  I have already added an email address in the ADUC.  Please help!

You do not have an e-mail address.
Alert has been created successfully but you will not receive notifications until valid e-mail or mobile address has been provided in your profile.

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Correlation ID: 0f390455-3403-43a0-baf1-3679201de0c4

Date and Time: 12/25/2010 11:29:08 AM
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Does your profile gets synchronized with AD, if yes then once you update in AD it should get into profile after you run the sync
If not you might need to set it up and run the Sync

For now, you can goto SharePoint central admin and edit the users profile in User profile service application to update users email and test the scenario again.


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Dale HarrisProfessional Services EngineerCommented:
If I'm reading your problem correctly, it looks like there's no associated email address in your AD account.  So make sure your AD Account that you're logging into the portal with has a mailbox.

If you don't have an email associated with your AD account, Sharepoint will not be able to send you emails.  Updating the Sharepoint to reach into your AD and update from AD shouldn't matter because when you log into Sharepoint for the first time, it pulls your information from AD anyways.  It only matters if the information changes like a description or job title.  That's what the AD sync is good for.

It obviously finds you in AD because it's letting you login.


Dale Harris
Justin SmithSr. System EngineerCommented:
Are you using SharePoint Foundation 2010, or the full version?

You don't need an internal mailbox for this to work.  You just have to have a valid email address in the "email" field in AD for your user account.  

If you have to update this, you may need to remove your user account from the Site Collection, and re-add it in order to pick up the change.
pisceswzh2010Author Commented:
It turns out that the "User Profile Synchronization Service" is not started.  Everything went on normally after I started this service.  Thank you everyone.
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