Infrastructure Documentation

I hope I will be able to explain my requirements... feel free to ask for clarifications

I am looking for a template document (perhaps ISO standards) that I can document every single detail about the IT infrastructure in our company.

for example.. I will have a top root document such as "Email Services" and that document will list all the related documents connected together to get email services running like Hardware, OS details, Application (Exchange) details, 3rd party support details, network diagram showing how those dependences connected together

and such documentation to be done for every other services such as WAN, Internet etc.. and to be reviewed perhaps quarterly or semi-annual.

I dont want to reinvent the wheel and I believe something like this is available in the form of document template or a proper document management specific for IT!!!

can someone point me somewhere?

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nbass668Author Commented:
thanks but not helpful...
nbass668Author Commented:
Well I found it myself...

if anyone interested to learn about network / server / infrastructure documentation this site has a very neat documentation standards

plus using SYDI also helps auto generating scan report about every server

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nbass668Author Commented:
found the answer myself
nbass668Author Commented:
found the answer myself
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