CPU Fan Replacement Compaq Presario SR1503WM

Recently i was given a Compaq Presario SR1503WM. I connected it up and turned on the power and almost instantly I got a message that the CPU fan had failed and then the computer shut down.

I have not looked inside the computer yet. I am not going to enjoy looking inside it since the previous owner was a 66 year old extremely heavy smoker.  I am sure the computer insides will need a very heavy cleaning prior to the replacement.

I did some online research on it and came up somewhat empty handed but I got the feeling that this is something non-standard and might be more difficult than usual to replace, since for one thing there must be some type of sensing that detects this type of problem and shouts the computer down.

I do not know the specs of the computer since I was not able to have it functioning. I do know that it is running XP from the sticker on the case.

I had planned to reinstall XP (professional) and the main function was to connect to it an Epson scanner that has no drivers for my Windows 7 computer. It is a good scanner and I was hoping to keep it running by using another computer. Right now i can't even find the install disk for it andIi used it on an old Gateway not more than 6 months ago (that computer is now dead) & the disk should be somewhere in this apartment.

Anyway - does anyone have experience with this type computer or know if from the outset I will have problems in replacing this computer fan ?

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Why don't you first try to clean the fan, put it back in and see what happens. Then perhaps you can think about buying a new one.

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i dont see any problem the cpu replace

if you dont know how to do that just take the computer to the near computer lab ....

about the scanner if you need any help to find the driver just post here the Manufacture and the model.
HMCSAuthor Commented:
I am living at the poverty level - EitherIi do it or it doesn't get done.

The driver is not the problem for the scanner - it is all the other software that makes it run that is on the CCD - I have already investigated that problem when I misplaced the CD earlier this year. The scanner is an Epson Perfection 16050. Also FYI, I am age 68 and slightly absent minded (strokes do that to people)
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You can use XP devices (your scanner) in Windows 7's XP Mode.

As for the fan, first try an suck all / most af the dust from it using a vacume cleaner then use a small brush to clean it and then see if it actually needs replacing or was just clogged up.
Go here to download " Upgrading and Servicing Guide " which shows you how to open the case, etc.

Manuals for Compaq Presario SR1503WM Desktop PC

HMCSAuthor Commented:
I had thought to use the XP utility in windows 7 that you had to be running the professional or higher flavor of Windows 7. From what I read this is not the case or is that a different software ?

I am running an i7 processor, 870 @ a reported speed of 3.19 Ghz.

This might be very interesting :-)

I will try and blow out/clean the fan and anything else as soon as I get one of my monthly checks. Like i said the person I got this computer from is a very heavy smoker. I am a non-smoker after a CVA (stroke) 6 years ago and when I did smoke I never did inside this apartment.

Even though with the possibility of an XP mode - I still plan on getting this computer to work, as I need a back up for this new i7 computer I have now. All my other computers are not functioning.
HMCSAuthor Commented:
I am going to close out this question while I figure out the rest of it and be able to take the time to get into the computer, blow it out, etc.

Thanks for the help :-)
HMCSAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the help :-)
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