can I format a hard drive that I have taken out from a damaged laptop?

Hi, I had a fairly one year old laptop that I damaged & thought to use the hard drive as a storage , it has got windows 7 on it installed , now I know some new technology use encreption and stuff on the hard drive the question is can I format it normally and use it as a storage and also is it possible to use win7 key onto another laptop and where to find the whole key since the sticker at the back is not fully clear ? Thank you & wish everyone a better year a head .
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It should be possible to format the drive. Note that all data will be lost.

Concerning your win 7 key, that prop. Won't work. The laptop has OEM license that comes with the manufacturer of the laptop and the preinstalled OS. You'll have to find yourself a new key. Eg buy one.

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Dale HarrisProfessional Services EngineerCommented:
You can use a Wndows 7 Ultimate key up to two times IIRC.  You can safely attach your old HDD as storage and re-format it.  I'm thinking you didn't have any encryption on the drive itself, just the files in there, which is not going to stop the format from happening.

If you want to find your existing key, there's a pretty straightforward approach written here:


Dale Harris
1. You can use the formated HDD anywhere the connection fits
2. Win7 key can be found easily if you could boot using a JellyFish app. Not sure you can do it without booting

hope it helps
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hnaelAuthor Commented:
Thanks guy for the help , I just got something else related regarding the OEM thing , is the win7 key related to HDD or to the MOBO it self pls clarify , thanks
It isn't related
hnaelAuthor Commented:
Thanks guys .
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