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No video on HP desktop - Replaced video card, no change

Hello Everyone!

First of all, Happy Holidays!

I've got a fairly new HP desktop computer here that isn't showing any video. The self-test doesn't turn on on the monitors I've tried using this computer on while the computer's turned on, making it seem like the monitor's getting some type of signal from the video card. I've replaced the video card, and the machine sounds as if it's turning on, but there is no video at all.

Do you guys think that this could be a power supply issue? I don't really have any blown capacitors on the motherboard, so I guess I'm just trying to bounce some ideas around and see if the next step would be to check the power supply by replacing it?
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It could be aq power supply, could be bad caps..... for examples....

Do you even get the "BEEP" (single beep, signaling "all ok" when you turn it on?

CAPS /NUM LOCK respond?

Cheap power supplies are easy enough to swap, and test.......

Do you even get the HP Logos on the POST screen?
Check in the bios setup to see if there is anything in there.
If it had a second video card installed then some machines have an option to disable one or pick the primary one.  That could be wrong and if the card was removed maybe the pc is still trying to diaplay on it
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Thanks for responding quickly. I can't get into the bios because there is no video at all. I get a beep when the computer turns on. Caps lock and num lock all respond. I guess it's time to start unplugging the old power supply......
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Thanks johnb6767,

The machine has an onboard VGA port that I tried first. That is the one that is normally used. I tried a basic PCI video card as well hoping maybe it was just a bad onboard video card. Both have the save results. I've tried about 5 different monitors (there's no shortage of equipment here).
Uh oh, I see some bulging capacitors.
I basically solved my own problem. I mentioned caps might be causing issue in first message, and he reinforced my idea.