VmWare Converter Standalone

Hello all,

Does anyone know what it means when you get the error:

Configure Machine failed :"SQL_FULL:  database or disk is full"

This is happening at the end of the conversion process. I know this is a bit vague, but I'm not quite sure where else to look for errors, and I have crawled all over the VmWare KB site, and Google.

Any help would be appreciated.
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Paul SolovyovskySenior IT AdvisorCommented:
how much space on the system drive of the system you're trying to convert?
Grant BerezanSenior Network EngineerCommented:
If you are converting direct to a vCentre cluster, it means that the vCenter database file is full - probably due to never having a backupdone. If you are converting to host, I would assume that the destination datastore is full.
jh270Author Commented:
I can't access the VM currently (wont be in the data center until midnight EST), but I didn't get any clonig errors for those drives/files. When they were at the cloning phase, they seemed to work fine, albeit slow. I am wondering if the problem is with the SQL express installed on the VIC server ?
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jh270Author Commented:
Orca...I'm not quite following. If I understand you correctly, then what I am doing is coverting to a cluster. I am taking my current VM ( the one being converted) and moving it to a different ESX server.

I don't really understand what you mean by converting to host though.

Andrew Hancock (VMware vExpert / EE Fellow)VMware and Virtualization ConsultantCommented:
can you upload the VMware Convertor logs?
Paul SolovyovskySenior IT AdvisorCommented:
If you connect to the ESX/ESXi host directly you should be able to take vCenter out of the equation.  If you're able to startup the VM then it's vCenter if not then it's something else during conversion process.
vmwarun - ArunCommented:
What type of application is running on the physical server ? Is it a SQL Server, an Application server ?
jh270Author Commented:
I'll be able to get to the logs tonight, and I don't believe SQL is running on the VM. It's an application server.

Paul, I am able to login to the ESX host directly and then startup the server, this is actually what I had to do when the conversion process failed the first time. So, based on what you are saying, my problem looks to be on vCenter ? if so, then that leads me back to the SQL express that is part of the VI client install on vCenter server. If that's the case, how can that be full to the point that it can't be written to ? (if i'm understanding that error correctly)
vmwarun - ArunCommented:
SQL Express can grow to a maximum of 4GB database.

Its recommended for managing either 5 Hosts or 50 VMs.

Having said that, try stopping all the unnecessary services on the physical server before P2V and then try P2V.
jh270Author Commented:
Thanks arunraju,

I'll be re-trying the conversion this next week. The customer held off over the Christmas holiday, and our sys-admin is on a much needed vacation, so it looks like i'll get to try again early this coming week. The customer usually likes to get his maintenance done on the 12-8 AM shift, so i'm trying to get all the info I can before start of business on Monday. I will ask him if he is ok with stopping the services. I have read that on the VmWare site, but wasn't sure why it wasn't part of the original plan.
Paul SolovyovskySenior IT AdvisorCommented:
Could be a bad entry for the VM.  In vCenter, if entry still exists, remove from inventory.  Re-add to inventory and try again.

If you're still have an issue check vCenter:

1.  Check size of DB.  If close or over 4GB it will fail.
2.  Check DB logs.  If large it may fail
3.  If DB and/or logs are large, download SQL Express Manangemt Studio and shrink logs
4.  Set a lower retention is vCenter Properties.

Good luck.
Luciano PatrãoICT Senior Infraestructure  Engineer  Commented:

Take a look at my article and try convert again following this tasks and the process.

This article if for a cold migration, but you can use the same tasks and follow the process for hot migrations using vConverter Standalone.


Hope this can help


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jh270Author Commented:
Wow Best,

That's a great article/tutorial. I'm gonna save that for mysefl for future use. I'll have to run this by the customer, but I can almost guarantee that I won't be allowed to do it.

Our sys-admin would have to approve it, and although he's quite approachable, he most likelly wont go for it. You know, the idea of someone who is not as knowledgeable as he (meaning me) coming to him with another way of doing things, will probably cause him t shoot it down. But i'll try.

Thanks all for all your input, if I didn't get the root cause of this specific error, then I sure learned alot more about the general infrastructure of VM's and ESX.
jh270Author Commented:
Although there were many informative answers in here, ultimately we did not get an answer to the specific error.
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