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Passive Cooling Ati HD6870

Hi Experts

I just bought a new pc, and I'm not pleased with the noise it produces.
All my parts are nearly dead silent for the moment except for my Graphic Card (Powercolor Radeon HD6870).  I've been searching the web for a decent passive cooler for this card, but clearly there is not much to find.. :s

Anyone who can advise me a decent heatsink for this card?

My airflow is quite good so no fan on the heatsink is not a problem..

thx in advance.. merry X-mas to everybody :)
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Grant Berezan
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The fact is that, if the cooling you end up choosing is not sufficient, you risk damaging the processor from overheating. That being said, you could get a water cooling kit for the GPU, or a server-class cooling fin assembly. If you get a cooling fin assembly, make sure it has enough surface area to work well and also ensure you use thermal grease onto the GPU.
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thx jamietoner, I think I'll give it a try.

I checked this item on the site of arctic and I see no HD6870 in the compatibility list.
I the review that you provided I also didnt see an 6870 mentioned.

Are you sure that these are fully compatible with all Ati HD6870's?  mine is a
Powercolor HD6870.

The link shows it installed on a 6870.