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facebox and external links

Dear Experts:

i am using facebox for facebook like popups in my webpage...
everything was running smoothly until i needed to integrate my website with facebook...

i cannot manage to make facebox to work with external content:

<a href="mypage.html" rel="facebox">this link works</a>
<a href="" rel="facebox">this link does not work</a>

any hints?

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Wayne Barron
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Facebook does not allow for external links.
I designed a FLASH Image Wall (Nice I might add) that when you clicked on the images they would launch your default browser and take you to the website for the actual sized image.
This works in MySpace and other social networking sites, but not allowed in Facebook.

See Facebook disabled this so to keep people from embedded bogus material on the sites, basically like MySpace does not monitor their apps, Facebook does.
(Now only if Facebook can monitor the viruses that get embedded in these Apps, the site would be 10x better)

Sorry, But External links is a no go for Facebook.

Have a good one.
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carr, i'm not talking about facebook...
i'm talking about facebox (

it's just a javascript/ajax popup that acts like the facebook popup.. and u can integrate any content in it... (however the content has to be found on the same server)

i've found other similar codes that allow an external site to be popped up inside my page.. but changing code is the last code i'm thinking about for now... i'm just checking if someone has managed to alter the facebox so that it accepts external links! (a good example of an alternate javascript/ajax popup is colorbox)

so i need to tweek facebox so that it works on external links..
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Dany Balian
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Sorry about the confusing comment from me.
I overlooked the facebox and facebook.

Good luck on your project.
i found the solution, and currently working on it...