need to restore mail to a single user - exchange 2003

Hello gang and as always thanks for your time and expertise.
Here's my scenario:  we still have exchange 2003.  We primarily use web-based outlook.  However, this particular user somehow configured her account to open in regular outlook 2007 and then one of her friends, trying to help her, deleted the local profile and now she has no mail when she logs into web-based outlook.
What I would like to do is restore this mail from the server, if possible.  Please note that we do not currently have a backup - not my fault.  I tried to execute the run cleanup agent and reconnect but reconnect is grayed out.
I would really appreciate if someone could help me restore this user's mail.  Your help and recommendations are greatly appreciated.
pendal1Network AdminAsked:
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how was the outlook configured ? exchange or pop3
She has no mail when she logs into web-based outlook, probably because her friend configured her account to deliver all email in her "regular outlook 2007", so you can probably find her emails on her PC in "Outlook.pst" file.

So, you need to add "Exchange" account to her Outlook 2007, which will allow you to copy all her emails from "Outlook.pst" file into her Exchange account, which will then make those "lost" emails visible in her web-based Outlook.

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Hi Expone,

Kindly download kernel exchange recovery tool (kernexchangepst.exe) from and install it on server where Microsoft Office is installed (it is mandatory) and retrieve your mailbox mail from remote location and restore to remote location.

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Hi pendal1,

Kindly download kernel exchange recovery tool (kernexchangepst.exe) from and install it on server where Microsoft Office is installed (it is mandatory) and retrieve your mailbox mail from remote location and restore to remote location.

Ehab SalemIT ManagerCommented:
If you have configured mail retention on the server, and the user did not shift-delete emails then do the following:

- in OWA go to options, then go to the bottom of the page, you will find 'recover deleted items' click recover and you will get a list of all deleted mails.
Your best chance is to find the pst file on the user's machine.
Hi pendal1.
I agree with expone1.  If the 'friend' configured the user to accept Exchange mail into Outlook 2007 (after Outlook 2007 was originally set up), then almost certainly Outlook 2007 was set up to deliver mail to the Personal Folder (not the Exchange mailbox), so the Exchange Mailbox will have been drained of e-mail, and it will now be in the outlook.pst folder, which will be visible in the Outlook 2007 window.  This is similar to having a POP3 mail connection without the 'keep a copy on the Server' selection made.
The simple answer is to first set Outlook 2007 to put all new e-mail into the Exchange Mailbox, then copy the mail back from the PST folder.  (If you don't change the location, you'll just get the mail back in the PST again, and you'll be chasing your tail).  You shouldn't need to download any recovery tools.  It's a simple and common mistake if Outlook has been set up before the connextion to Exchange.
Once the mail is back in the Exchange Mailbox it will be visible, and manageable from both OWA (web) and Outlook clients.
Good luck
Good point rfreestun!

Once you add "Exchange" account to Outlook 2007, you will need to remove or disable POP3 account (or change POP3 account to keep messages on the server), otherwise emails will continue moving from the server (web-based Outlook) to the local PC (into outlook.pst file).
pendal1Network AdminAuthor Commented:
Guys I'm very sorry for the delay in posting.  I have a very bad back and I was out of the loop for a while.  However, I did as you recommended and her e-mail is back where it belongs - on the exchange server - and not in the local outlook.pst.  Your time and expertise are greatly appreciated.
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