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pop3 account with outlook 2007 or 2010

migrating to exchange system. Dealing with networksolutions

can a pop3 account sync sent items to outlook

they don't have an imap option
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is this still true:
By default, when POP3 e-mail programs download e-mail messages to your computer, the downloaded messages are removed from the server. Because a copy of each of your e-mail messages isn't kept on the server, you can't access e-mail messages that you've downloaded on more than one computer.
But some POP3 e-mail programs can be set up to keep copies of your messages on the server so you can access the same e-mail messages from more than one computer. POP3 e-mail programs can only be used to download messages from the e-mail server to a single folder (usually the Inbox) on your computer. The POP3 protocol can't synchronize multiple folders on the e-mail server with multiple folders on your computer. POP3 also doesn't support public folder access.
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