php hit counter milestone recorder

My normal hit counter is as follows

Dim FolderObject
Dim MyFolder
set FolderObject=server.CreateObject("Scripting.FileSystemObject")
If FolderObject.FolderExists("C:\counter\Text")=false then

end if
Dim Counter
set TextFile=FolderObject.OpenTextFile("C:\counter\Text\xxx.txt")
set TextFile=FolderObject.CreateTextFile("C:\counter\Text\xxx.txt")


I would like to add a code that would activate a banner or drop down that will become visible when the total in the text file reaches a specific figure i.e.
"This site has now had 100,000 visitors"  Whether it be a drop down, a banner or a blockquote does nor really matter.

Can this be done?
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All you'd need to do is open and read the txt file as you have above:
set TextFile=FolderObject.OpenTextFile("C:\counter\Text\xxx.txt")

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Note: I have taken out the +1 as you are reading the current value, not adding another 1.

Now you can do a simple if/else with the counter variable above:

If count=100000 Then
' Replace this with an image of course
Response.Write("Congratulations, you are the 100,000th visitor!")
End If

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It's quite straight forward.

I personally wouldn't recommend it as having a "This site has now had 100,000 visitors" is often seen as spammy.  If you want this information/milestone for your own records then I would recommend having a look at, and implementing Google Analytics:

It will record your sites statistics, and also allow you to set milestones.

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MisafiAuthor Commented:
Many thanks - straight forward as you say, but only when you know how.
I take your point regarding "spammy" but this is a Club site and thus "in house".
Thanks again
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