How to plan a Photo-Gallery web site?

Hi, I'd like some advice about how to plan a photography web site. Basically, I'd like to start out by publicly displaying my own images. Then, if the site becomes popular, I may also allow others to register an account and add their own images for sharing. In the future, I may also consider a blog about photography.

So, that said, I'd like some advice on where to start. Perhaps I should begin with simply sharing my images, then build from there - not sure if that's the right approach. I know how to register the domain name, but not too sure what type of hosting package a photography web site would require. I'm also not sure how much storage space I would need to purchase initially. I'm almost certain I can add server storage space as time goes on, but I'd like to begin with something reasonable were I can display a few hundred images and then grow from there.

Any additional advise you can give me would be greatly appreciated.

BTW, I know I can use Flickr to display my images, but I'd like to have my own web site with my own photographic genre.

Thanks for your help,
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Gerald ConnollyCommented:
To make the site more useable, consider using thumbnails for browsing with the full size images on selection.

Consider using digital watermarks to protect your copyright.

Obviously you will need lots of space and probably a database as well lots of ISP's already have a photo gallery option on their webhosting packages.
As you want to start from zero I suggest you to use a pre-build website like "Joomla" (free and open source) that has a lot of support in forums over the web and is pretty nice, it laso has a lot of extensions (payed and free), you can use it with "MorfeoShow" a pretty nice photo gallery for free. instalations rwequirements on your server coould be found in their website:
Technical Requirements
Requirements for Joomla 1.5.x
Software       Recommended       Minimum       More information
PHP*       5.2 +       4.3.10
MySQL**       4.1.x +       3.23
(with mod_mysql, mod_xml,
and mod_zlib)       2.x +       1.3
Microsoft IIS****       7       6

more info about technical requirements here:
about the space yo need you can start with a basic hosting service.
here is a video tutorial about MorfeoShow:

You did not specify if you also need help building a website.

As for the photos, if you want people to be able to create their own login and upload, you definitely need a database of some sort.  mysql and php are certainly viable ways to go.  If you are not a php programmer, look at phpmaker (  It will build a system for you.

Also, on the internet are many free and paid photo gallery products that are complete systems.  I cannot recommend any, but a web search should reveal many ("web based photo gallery software").

For uploading YOUR own photos, however, you may want to look at 'slide show' generation package like Wondershare ( or ThumbsPlus (  Both have 30 day unlimited trials.

 You can also do this with Powerpoint, Adobe Fireworks and Photoshop and many other web development packages.  These packages will all generate thumbnails for you.

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Mr_FulanoAuthor Commented:
Thanks very much for the help. I appreciate the advice.
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