windows server 2008 VPS FRAUD? OR LEGIT?


I just purchased two VPS servers from a company.

The ip's they gave me come in succession like

Each server has 2 cores, 3gb ram at my computer properties.

I just installed a software which needs activation(The software can be installed/activated on a single machine only). After activating the software in the first vps. I installed it in the second vps too and to my surprise it started without any activation.

Now i highly doubt whether the guys have splitted up the same vps and sold it to me?

Any chance of how to find whether they are separate vps with separate resources?

Thanks in advance.
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Well, you could run something on one to spike the CPU at 100% and or use IOmeter to impact disk IO and see if that affects the other VPS. I don't know if your VPS is a VM like VMware or a virtual OS like Virtuozzo, but I can see where Virtuozzo might throw off the copy protection if both VPS are on the same host.

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Windows Server 2008

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