MYSQLi Syntax in PHP Reference Guide

Why is the double underscore used in the reference guide for mysqli.

I know that it usually means we are accessing a static method or variable. For example, mysqli::debug is written using the double colon. When accessing this, would I access it via the mysqli object I have made or access it in a static fashion like this, $mysqli->debug;

Also if it is static, the modifiers on reference do not say that it is.
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Ray PaseurCommented:
Please post a link to the double-underscore you are seeing.  

Generally, the method names starting with the double underscore are reserved to PHP for things like the constructor named "__construct()"

The double colon is the scope-resolution operator, explained here:
namsu55Author Commented:
Have a look at this:

I will read that link you have sent me.
Ray PaseurCommented:
OK, thanks.  If I'm guessing right, this is one of the double underscore methods:

Have a look at that description and at this, and post back with any specific questions.

Best regards, ~Ray
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namsu55Author Commented:
Sorry Ray, my mistake here. I am talking about the double colon methods on mysqli. Double underscore are magic methods like __construct and I know about them.

Go and click on the mysqli reference link I gave. I am confused as to why some of them are listed using double colons as opposed to ->.

The first post you gave is the link I need to read up.
namsu55Author Commented:
Hi Ray, I have noticed something now. The properties (class variables) are all defined on the reference page as -> whilst the methods of mysqli are defined as double colon.
Ray PaseurCommented:
Yes, in PHP OOP notation methods and properties are identified differently.  If you read all the pages linked from this one, you will have a clear understanding of what they are doing with the notation.

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Ray PaseurCommented:
Suppose I should also note the terminology, too.

Methods are functions within a class
Properties are variables within a class.
namsu55Author Commented:
I understand everything about objects and classes but was a bit confused by the notation on the manual. In Java I am used to reading the API a certain way. So in PHP the usual way would be for me to write an object, and access methods via the object and not using double colon as if they were static, although it seems to be legal in certain cases.
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