Display images side by side

How I can in Matlab using figure and imshow commands to display images side by side ?
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Have you tried using subplot?
I would do something like:

subplot(121), imshow(img1,[]);
subplot(122), imshow(img2,[]);
ty-exexch-koAuthor Commented:
Hi Kendor

small question
the number 121 inside subplot function refer for what ?

I try using numbers 1, 2 , 3 and etc. I get an error message
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ty-exexch-koAuthor Commented:
If I want to use subplot with 3 or 4 images to display side by side ?

I get an error message

I think available diferent way to use with figure and imshow
ok subplot functions as follows:

the first number tells you how many rows you have, the second number says how many columns and the third defines the overall position.

say you have 2 rows and 3 columns you would write:
subplot(2,3,x) and x would be the position like:
1 2 3
4 5 6

otherwise refer to: http://www.mathworks.com/help/techdoc/ref/subplot.html
for your problem with 3 or foure images this would mean:
subplot(13x) or subplot(14x) (note: you can put commas in between the number or not... its the same. commas are nice if you want to use subplot in a loop... for example for your problem:

for i=1:4
 subplot(1,4,i); imshow(image(i),[]);

or what you asked for:
subplot(141), imshow(img1,[]);
subplot(142), imshow(img2,[]);
subplot(143), imshow(img3,[]);
subplot(144), imshow(img4,[]);

(note, i'm using the [] in imshow which tells matlab to scale the brigthness range to the available scale (i.e. 256 grayvalues))

otherwise you can also use
handle = figure();
and then use the handle to draw your images. however, things then get slightly more complicated.

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