Ping is high and throughput bottlenecked thru router

When I connect directly to my modem, I get 25/2Mbps (down/up) and a response time of ~20ms when pinging known servers like However, when I connect from PC>Router>Modem (wireless or wired, via a switch or direct to router, and from different computer's and OS's) I get ~8Mbps/300kbps with a response time of ~170ms average with a low of ~35ms and high's of timing out completely.

I have a Linksys WRT160N v3. Originally I had the Linksys firmware (fully updated), but tried switching to DD-WRT. My CPU and Memory usage shows fine, but it is still a huge bottleneck. I notice the problem most when playing games on Xbox Live, talking to distant family on Skype, and using our VoIP phone (constantly asked "are you there?").

I've tried switching out cables, too. I'm considering building a Linux router with an old PentIII PC, but wanted to get some troubleshooting tips, advice, opinions from folks here first. Points will go to whoever provides the most valuable info whether it resolves my issue or not.

Thanks all!

*Note* 4 people in the house use wireless, the desktop our VoIP phone connects thru is wired, and another wire runs to my room which has 2 PC's, a NAS, and Xbox connected thru a Gb switch. <- not sure if any of that may help.
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Is anyone using any torrents if so that will slow done and time out your connection
if they are just disable them and see the difference.

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sorry i forgot do a virus scanon all pc's
FloydTheDuckAuthor Commented:
I've tried disconnecting everything except one PC and no luck. I've also tried disconnecting all except my Mac and no luck. I've also tried pinging FROM the router TO the Internet ( and still a high ms (~240)
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use gpedit.msc => administrative templates => Network Connections=> Reserve bandwith make it from 20 to 0 % ..... hope it helps.
FloydTheDuckAuthor Commented:
I changed out the router with a brand new one and it worked great... for a while. I had a response time of 23ms steadily, so I made a voice call and it worked great, I played a game on xbox live and it worked great. After about an hour or so, it went back to the old ways of the other router and ping was 270ms and voice calls were awful.

@shock - I don't understand how this would help, can you elaborate?
Check router logs (if it's linux, in /var/log or /var/adm). Probably, after a game someone is DDoS-ing you.

I suppose you have a shell access to the router. You can monitor "netstat -rn", "netstat -an" since the good point to the bad point in time.
FloydTheDuckAuthor Commented:
I found out that a cable I thought was an unused line was actually being used by my brother. He hooked up a laptop to it and had downloaded a few torrents and it was sucking up all the bandwidth. I guess this goes to prove that you should always troubleshoot the basics even if you think you know it's not a problem.
FloydTheDuckAuthor Commented:
Please delete this question as I don't believe there is any worthwhile troubleshooting information included.
Its seems that youve done what i sugested in my reply so i fail to understand why you would
think that theres been no worth while troubleshooting.
 so i dont think you should just close delete the question without giving any points.
FloydTheDuckAuthor Commented:
You're right Davy. I had only remembered you posted about doing a virus scan and forgotten about you suggesting to look for torrents. Thank you for your suggestion and correction.
Thank Q
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