List of Linux scp return / status codes

Can someone point me to a link or provide a list of the
status / return codes values & what they mean for
scp (running in RHES 4.x).

Eg: what's the status code if
- the source file is not present
- the permission of file/directory does not allow me
    to read  &   to write
- if the firewall in between blocks scp
- if the link / connectivity is down (but firewall permits)
- the ssh public/private keys have a problem
- the userid used to do scp is invalid
- etc etc

As example, I'm looking for something like the following but
the following is for ncftpget utility :

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These are the errorlevel values returned by ncftpget:

    ncftpget returns the following exit values:

       0. Success.
       1. Could not connect to remote host.
       2. Could not connect to remote host - timed out.
       3. Transfer failed.
       4. Transfer failed - timed out.
       5. Directory change failed.
       6. Directory change failed - timed out.
       7. Malformed URL.
       8. Usage error.
       9. Error in login configuration file.
      10. Library initialization failed.
      11. Session initialization failed.
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here it is:

SCP Return Codes
0      Operation was successful
1      General error in file copy
2      Destination is not directory, but it should be
3      Maximum symlink level exceeded
4      Connecting to host failed.
5      Connection broken
6      File does not exist
7      No permission to access file.
8      General error in sftp protocol
9      File transfer protocol mismatch
10      No file matches a given criteria
65      Host not allowed to connect
66      General error in ssh protocol
67      Key exchange failed
68      Reserved
69      MAC error
70      Compression error
71      Service not available
72      Protocol version not supported
73      Host key not verifiable
74      Connection failed
75      Disconnected by application
76      Too many connections
77      Authentication cancelled by user
78      No more authentication methods available
79      Invalid user name

This is for WinSCP:

And here is PuTTY:


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sunhuxAuthor Commented:
excellent, thanks
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