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List of Linux scp return / status codes

Can someone point me to a link or provide a list of the
status / return codes values & what they mean for
scp (running in RHES 4.x).

Eg: what's the status code if
- the source file is not present
- the permission of file/directory does not allow me
    to read  &   to write
- if the firewall in between blocks scp
- if the link / connectivity is down (but firewall permits)
- the ssh public/private keys have a problem
- the userid used to do scp is invalid
- etc etc

As example, I'm looking for something like the following but
the following is for ncftpget utility :

=============== fr EE thread id 34077378 ================

These are the errorlevel values returned by ncftpget:

    ncftpget returns the following exit values:

       0. Success.
       1. Could not connect to remote host.
       2. Could not connect to remote host - timed out.
       3. Transfer failed.
       4. Transfer failed - timed out.
       5. Directory change failed.
       6. Directory change failed - timed out.
       7. Malformed URL.
       8. Usage error.
       9. Error in login configuration file.
      10. Library initialization failed.
      11. Session initialization failed.
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excellent, thanks