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Problem with COUNT MS SQL Server 2005

I have the following code in SQL:

SELECT a.eid, a.first_name, a.last_name, a.bus_email_1, a.bus_phn_1, COUNT(b.exp_id) as recCnt, SUM(c.amt) as TtlAmt
FROM hr_expense_sub c, hr_employee_info a, hr_expense_main b
WHERE b.sup_eid = MM_EID AND a.eid = b.staff_eid AND c.exp_id = b.exp_id GROUP BY a.eid, a.first_name, a.last_name, a.bus_email_1, a.bus_phn_1

the result is below:

EID        First Name   Last Name   Bus Email 1             Bus Phn 1          recCnt    TtlAmt
ASD     Al                 Denton        301-555-1212    45           5452.55
DFD     Dan               Donalds         410-555-1212       5             515.23
DFE     Donald          Edwards         240-555-1212       2            1575.22

The problem is that the recCnt Column is returning the total records in the hr_expense_sub table and I want to only return the number of records in the hr_expense_main table.  45 is the total number of records that are LINE ITEMS in the sub table... for ASD is 7; DFD is 2 and DFE is 1.  I do not wish to return the total sub records, just the total records from the main table not the sub table; however, I DO wish to return the total amount of ALL records from the sub table to show what each expense record totals... so the TtlAmt IS correct.

Where am I going wrong?

Again, for example the First Record above has 7 PARENT records and those 7 PARENT records have a Total of 45 COMBINED child records split between them.  Does that make sense?

Thanks in advance,

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Thank you .... it works PERFECTLY!

Happy New Year!