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System lockups and 5800:3022 Unable to stop non-boot processor

I am using a Dell Latitude D680 under Windows XP Professional SP3.  I have experienced several system lockups, so far all within the first 30 minutes or so after powering up or restarting out of standby mode.  At first it appeared to be related to the nVidia driver, which began to act erratically before the system locked up.  But the lockups continue.

I ran the diagnostics, and the three L2 Cache/Multiprocessor tests all failed, error codes 5800:3022, 5800:0222, 5800:0422.  All other tests, including RAM tests, video functions and temperature controls, passed.

I have only found one related issue in this forum, in which the issue was slow performance, not lockups.  Is there any further information available as to what these error codes mean?  Is it possible to disable the L2 Cache (even if it means reduced performance)?  Is there a relation between the L2 Cache and the video driver?  Maybe I can disable some of the functionality of the video driver or the entire video driver itself?  Any other potential work-arounds?  The laptop is out of warranty, and I am in need of at least a temporary solution to the system lockup problem as soon as possible.
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If it's true that L2 cache failed, then there's nothing we can do but buying new processor. :(
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Installed and ran SpeedFan, and have been keeping an eye on it.  GPU 81 degrees (Celsius) after startup this morning, Core0 71 degrees, Core1 71 degrees, Core 81 degrees.  Ran L1 and L2 diagnostics again, and everything passed.  I believe this was an overheating problem.