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Height not working

Good evening,
Im trying to seperate two CSS Divs with a gap inbetween:-
          <div style="width:310px; height:1px; float:left; background-color:Green;"></div>

Which works great, apart from it makes a massive line across the page, instead of 1px. Ive tried max-height but it still displays a big bar :-(

How can I change it to display a thin gap (Im going to remove the "background-color:Green" eventually, just wanted to see it on the page)

Any ideas?

Thank you
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Sudaraka Wijesinghe
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HTML/CSS code you posted here alone will show a thin (1px) line, but your page could have styles defined on DIV tags with height or padding. Try setting the padding to 0.
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Ok, so have tried:-
<div style="width:310px; height:1px; float:left; padding:0; margin:0; background-color:Green;"></div>

But still displays a large green line (see image)
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It looks like you have another <div> floated left against the first one.  That will affect the height that you see.

It would be better if you showed the whole page code.  This things are not independent of each other.
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Mark Steggles
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