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tool to change the windows xp install code

I have two new dell vostro 220, both have an install code on the box.
one of the pc has a piece of software installed on it by our banking software suppliers that does someking of message service back to there company.
we are trying to make a hot backup site in another town.
since they never gave me the software and told me to just image the box and install it to a like pc that is what I did.
here is the problem now I have two xp boxes claiming to be the same xp install.
how do I change the install code on the pc I imaged to, to what it says on the pc tag.
I have heard there is away to do this.

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Whose version of Windows XP is on the box?  Dell's or whose?
Seems odd to wipe a perfectly good, presumably, system in order to make a clone.

You may find that it is an uncooperative OEM version (which is what dbrunton is getting at, I suspect) but you can try this tool
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dell oem, to my knowledge that is all dell does

as for wrecking a perfectly good pc so I could clone another one to it.  I didn't see where I had much choice sense the operating system has no importance and the add on software does.  I need it cloned.

so now the only thing is not to get the message when I try to run updates that this computer already exists.  come to think of it both are valid licensed pc's with different ip's maybe microsoft won't notice.
Since I have a lic. for each don't know what it would matter

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