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swedish to english / english to swedish dictionary

Hi there;

I need a swedish to english / english to swedish dictionary (online or offline)

I am using google translate, yet I need another solution to verify the results. I went for Babylon, yet, their solution is not satisfactory. So, I need an online or offline (preferably) solution.

Best regards.
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I don't want to use bing since it really (and still) fails w.r.t. accuracy of its search results. I don't trust bing.

The second link seems OK, yet, it seems a little phony. May I trust it?

Is there a babylon bgl file english to swedish. I have swedish to english bgl.

Kind regards.
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You might want to reconsider lingoes since it's showing the user exceeded their bandwidth.  It might not be a resource thats available when you need it.|en| is my preferred translator.

If it's a website you are working with babel works well just google it.
lingoes seems the best solution. Not only free, but also satisfactory.