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Ubuntu laptop is booting to grub/minimal bash-like line editing

I have had Ubuntu running on my Dell laptop for months.  But today instead of getting to the GUI is gets only so far as the grub> prompt.  Tab gives me possible commands of badram, boot, cat, chainloader, clear, configfile and etc.  What happened and is there any way I can get the system to boot up fully?
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Which method are you suggesting?  I tried manual grub recovery but the bask-like cmd did not understand sudo nor setup.

This laptop lacks a CD but I do have Windows on here.  So a recovery option going through Windows might work.
The best solution is of course some external CD... Please write what Ubuntu version an if it is Grub2 because recovery from Windows is not working always...
Thanks for all the possible solutions.  I had to get going again so I did a fresh install with Wubi from Windows side.