Terminal server 2003 (Roaming) TSprofiles can they be migrated to terminal server 2008 (Roaming) tsprofiles?

Currently I have Windows smaill business server 2003 on one server (domian controller). On the second server I have windows 2003 server standard and it is a terminal server. I have been doing (Roaming) TSprofiles for years in the above senario and I would like to continue to. However, very shortly I will be switching the domain controller to Windows small business server 2008 Premium and I will also be switching the terminal server to windows 2008 server. Can I migrate (Roaming) TSprofiles from 2003 server to 2008 server (Roaming) TSprofiles? If so how can I do this? Can I just robocopy (Roaming) TSprofiles folder from the old 2003 server to the new 2008 server location I want the TSprofiles to be, and then I would just make sure the terminal server UNC profile path name in the users AD account is correct on the new 2008 domain controller. I am open to suggestions. thanks
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Olaf De CeusterCommented:
If you migrate the profiles into SBS 2008 those profiles will beautomatically  used in the new TS.
Now all depends what you meant by roaming or more to the point which parts are roaming because with SBS 2008 you can have folder redirection of Docs, desktop by using using a wizard.( If using outlook 2007 the setup is automatic too)
So you can : Just import their data and run the user wizard of your chosing over the top.
Roaming in SBS2003 used tp be a special setup but is now integrated.
If you had special TS GPO's in the old system you'll have to recreate these or migrate them too.
Hope that helps,
MurrdogAuthor Commented:
One of the main points I need to findout is can I migrate 2003 32bit server TSPROFILE's to server 2008 64bit TSPROFILE's? Are the 2003 server and 2008 TSPROFILES compatible? What steps and software tools do I need to use to preform this migration? Are there any known  issue I should be aware? thanks
Olaf De CeusterCommented:
I must be missing something.
What do you mean with TSProfiles?
In SBS user profiles and Tsprofiles are one and the same aren't they?
Yes you can move /migrate user profiles tto SBS 2008 64 bit without issues. It's done every day in every migration.
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Olafdc SBS Premium allows Terminal Server, and the answer to the question is TS Profiles are different, you'll notice that while you can copy across the users profile, if you point the user to the copied TSProfile in Windows 2008, it will create a new profile with a .v2 extension.  However you can copy Desktop, My Documents and AppData without any problems, its the registry that can't be migrated.

Hope that helps.


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Olaf De CeusterCommented:
Thanks matrixnz,
Didn't know that.
I have a fair few SBS premium with seperate TS running and TS profiles are the same as the sbs user profiles.
I do have a few specific TS GPO's .
In my first post I also suggested moving the data and running a template ovet the top.(If you want to stick to the SBS way)
Hi Olafdc

So are your profiles 2003 or 2008, we have both 2003 and 2008 Terminal Servers both on the same domain, we have several hundred users, if a Windows 2003 TS User logs into a 2008 Terminal Server a .v2 profile is created although the profile in AD is still pointing to the Windows 2003 Profile.  For clarity:

User in AD has a normal profile (for logging into Windows 2000/XP) setup to:

User in AD also has a Terminal Server Profile (Windows 2003) setup to:

If the user logs on to a Windows 2008 Terminal Server the following profile is created

Even if I copy the Windows 2003 Terminal Server Profile to <Username>.v2 it will not use it in Windows 2008 it will create another profile it's because the registry is incompatible with Windows 2008.

Hope that clarifies things.

Olaf De CeusterCommented:
Hi Matrix,
In SBS world you'll find most of the time the OS versions for DC and TS are the same. Usually you buy the premium version. Saying that I have seen the v2 from time to time. Thanks for the insight.
Can you also please  tell me why in SBS world (limited users and user profiles controlled by templates) would you create separate TS profiles?
Murrdog I apologise for interfering in your question. Please let me know if this is not acceptable to you  and I'll start a new question.
Hi OlafDC, Murrdog

I think this is all related to the original post, basically migrating Windows 2000/XP/2003/Vista Profiles to Windows 2008 isn't possible because Windows 2008 Profiles are not compatible.  (Note: Windows Vista I believe are .v1 profiles, Windows 7 are .v2 profiles)  So why would you setup two seperate profiles, if any of your users have/use desktops with the older OS then two profiles are created by default.  Within our company we prefer to keep the TSProfiles in one place and Desktop/Laptop Roaming Profiles in a seperate place.  Although in saying that, if a user uses a Windows XP and Windows 7 System two profiles will be created in the User Profile Share a <Username> and <Username>.v2 alot comes down to the fact that since Windows XP there have been major changes to the default folder structure/shell folders, so for example C:\Users rather than C:\Documents and Settings while there are still shortcuts to the older folder structure there is greater potential for failure because a number of the registry settings will use absolute paths rather than relative paths.

Also I hope I didn't confuse things, OlafDC I noticed in your question above "why in SBS world (limited users and user profiles controlled by templates) would you create separate TS profiles?" I wasn't actually saying you would create a seperate profile, for Windows 2003 and Windows 2008, what I was saying was that in ADUC for an account you have your User Profile Tab and the Remote Desktop Profile Tab (formerly Terminal Server) while you point the Remote Desktop Profile to \\SERVER\Users\TSProfiles\<Username> if the <Username> profile was Windows 2003 TS Profile another profile will be created in the same directory with the .v2 extension.

Hope that made sense.

Olaf De CeusterCommented:
Thanks for that. Great to know.
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