Difference(s) between =FIND() and =SEARCH() in Excel


In Excel (2007), can someone describe the basic difference(s) between the following two functions and give an example for when each would be the better option?  The two functions are:

   =FIND()    Syntax:  FIND(find_text,within_text,start_num)

    =SEARCH()    Syntax:  SEARCH(find_text,within_text,[start_num])

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The main difference between the SEARCH function and the FIND function is that FIND is case sensitive and SEARCH is not.

Read this link for more information :)



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Steve_BradyAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the responses.

So as a summary (for future reference), there are two differences:

    1)  =FIND() is case sensitive and =SEARCH() is not.
    2)  =SEARCH() can include wildcards but =FIND() cannot.

Take-home message is:

   Always use =SEARCH() except when case-sensitivity is needed.
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Absolutely :)

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Steve_BradyAuthor Commented:

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Yes :)


ps: I again did ;)
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Yeah I know.... :|
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lolzzz. You take care ;)

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