How do I structure this Regex?


I am new to Regex.  

What Regex would I use to get the result of only:

I am attempting to get all 4 results in an array, however, I am only able to get one result.   Please note: The stock number of "40294" will change on each product.  

Thanks for your help!!

// My Code gets only one reult of 40294.jpg.

preg_match('%<img src="/product-images/40294/50/(.*?).jpg" style="border:solid 1px #D6D6D6; border-collapse:separate;" />%s',$data,$matches3);


echo $photos1."<br />";
echo $photos2."<br />";
echo $photos3."<br />";
echo $photos4."<br />";

// Source Code ***********************************

<div style="float:left; padding-left:3px;">                        
					    <a href="hires-image-viewer.asp?sku=40294&image=0" 
					       onclick="return displayHiResImageViewer('40294', 0);"					       
					       style="display:inline; float:left; border-style:none;  margin-left:-1px; ">
					        <img src="/product-images/40294/50/40294a.jpg" style="border:solid 1px #D6D6D6; border-collapse:separate;" />
					    <a href="hires-image-viewer.asp?sku=40294&image=1" 
					       onclick="return displayHiResImageViewer('40294', 1);"					       
					       style="display:inline; float:left; border-style:none;  margin-left:-1px; ">
					        <img src="/product-images/40294/50/40294b.jpg" style="border:solid 1px #D6D6D6; border-collapse:separate;" />
					    <a href="hires-image-viewer.asp?sku=40294&image=2" 
					       onclick="return displayHiResImageViewer('40294', 2);"					       
					       style="display:inline; float:left; border-style:none;  margin-left:-1px; ">
					        <img src="/product-images/40294/50/40294c.jpg" style="border:solid 1px #D6D6D6; border-collapse:separate;" />
					    <a href="hires-image-viewer.asp?sku=40294&image=3" 
					       onclick="return displayHiResImageViewer('40294', 3);"					       
					       style="display:inline; float:left; border-style:none;  margin-left:-1px; ">
					        <img src="/product-images/40294/50/40294d.jpg" style="border:solid 1px #D6D6D6; border-collapse:separate;" />

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preg_match_all('%<img src="/product-images/40294/50/(.*?).jpg" style="border:sol
id 1px #D6D6D6; border-collapse:separate;" />%s',$data,$matches3,PREG_SET_ORDER)


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Use preg_match_all. preg_match stops at the first result.
rlb1Author Commented:
THANK YOU!!!    One follow up question...  

Is there a way to have the "40294" in this statement /40294/50/(.*?).jpg overlooked if it needs to be included to get the exact data you want off of a webpage?  

Solution worked great!!!

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Not sure what you're asking in the follow up question. Try accepting this one, and opening a new one for that.

From what I can glean from your statement, I think that /.*/ will "overlook" it.
rlb1Author Commented:
Thank you for your help!!  Please respond to the related question I will ask in a moment.  

Thank you for your help!!
rlb1Author Commented:
Thank You Both!!!
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