How can I know if the web designer I hire will do a good job?

How can I know if the web designer I hire will do a good job?

I found a web designer that can offer a good price for web design and where I get two languages included in the base price, with possibility to add more languages and CMS integration at low price.

But how can I know that in the end, the web site will be like I had intended from the outset? Or that I will feel satisfied with the result?

A web designer well have been successful with developing web sites within a specific type of business activity, but I can't be certain he will succeed for my particular business activity. So how should I interact with the web designer, really get good communication from the start so he understands my needs? I know the business in detail so I need to get the essential across to this web designer, what is necessary that he knows about my business. But what will he need to know, in detail?
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Hmm, from my perspective, you need to start by asking him/her show you links to what s/he has done so you can take a look at his/her work and the quality of that work.

Then ask for a proposal from him/her.

The proposal in itself can reveal something about him/her.

Finally, the proposal should show that s/he is responsible for not only completing the work you two agreed to but do so to your satisfaction.

Be sure to NOT pay everything up front.

hermesalphaAuthor Commented:
What I had in mind was something like this which I just found:

A web site design detail requirements briefing, step-by-step process to find out requirements for the site.
Dave BaldwinFixer of ProblemsCommented:
A web designer will not "understand your needs", he will only know what you have asked for.  He has no way of making you 'feel satisfied', he can only do what you and he have agreed to.  It will not be 'what you intended' because that's just a view in your mind that he can't possibly see.

Now to get a Good website, you need to express what you want and accept what can actually be done within the budget that you have.  If you ask for things that your designer can't do, you simply won't get them, at least from him.  There is a lot of give and take and communication to get the best result.
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Dave BaldwinFixer of ProblemsCommented:
By the way, that doc you found looks pretty good to me.
I believe those questions on that template are supposed to be provided by the designer.

The reason is that it is assumed that YOU know what you want out of a website before contracting a web designer.

So, essentially, a web designer sits with you once or multiple times asking you those questions.

Once a web designer is satisfied that he had gotten as much information from you, then they frame the responses they received from you in form of a proposal and then present to proposal to you.

You are free to accept it and sign it as is. You can also make additional changes.

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Hi ,
i agree with @DaveBaldwin. A designer can tend to ful fill ur need according to ur needs and data provided to him.
hermesalphaAuthor Commented:
What about choosing the hosting provider? Is that something the web designer does for me, based on the final analysis of my web site and business? Or can I begin now using any hosting provider and first design myself a simple web site, which I later change to the web site that is designed by the web designer?
Dave BaldwinFixer of ProblemsCommented:
I suggest that you get your domain name at a different place than your web hosting.  If you design a simple site and then hire a designer, that will make it easier to change hosting if that becomes necessary.
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