Facebook Fan Page FBML

I want to incorporate this code in a Facebook Fan Page and have tried dozens of examples.
None of them work, so I'm missing something.

Here is the .htm:

<script language="JavaScript">
adImages=new Array("ls0.jpg","ls1.jpg","ls2.jpg","ls3.jpg","ls4.jpg","ls5.jpg","ls6.jpg");
adURL=new Array("","","","","","","");
adALT=new Array("A&S Landscaping","A&S Hardscaping","A&S Walkways","A&S Terracing","A&S Drainage","A&S Tree Trimming","A&S Lawn Care");

thisAd = 0
imgCt = adImages.length
adCt = adImages.length

function rotate() {
  if (document.images) {
    if (document.cycle.complete) {
        if (thisAd == imgCt && thisAd == adCt) {
          thisAd = 0
        document.cycle.src = "http://www.aandslandscaping.com/userfiles/image/"+adImages[thisAd];
        document.cycle.alt = "alt="+adALT[thisAd];
      setTimeout("rotate()", 4000)
function rotateLink() {
<body onload="rotate()">
<table align=center width=520  cellpadding=0 cellspacing=0 border=0>
<TD BGCOLOR="black" ALIGN="CENTER"  WIDTH="520" valign=middle>
<img src="userfiles/image/ls1.jpg" alt="St. Louis Landscaping" border="1" width="516" height=150 name="cycle">      
</TD></tr>  </table>
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dcassAuthor Commented:
From what I'm reading, this may be too advanced for EE, so just let me know.
Mike DSolution ConsultantCommented:
Hi dcass,

you Must have extreme trouble reading and your jibe towards EE is quite pathetic...

you can't incorporate JavaScript in an fbml page. You will either have to place all your images with style='visibility:hidden' and then use facebooks pseudo js Clicktoshow clicktohide etc. or have a starting fbml page and load your script with Ajax after some user interaction.


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dcassAuthor Commented:
You were correct - I just wasn't far enough in to get it, but I did exactly that!
Mike DSolution ConsultantCommented:
Thanks for the points and sry for being a tad rude...

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