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Facebook Fan Page FBML

I want to incorporate this code in a Facebook Fan Page and have tried dozens of examples.
None of them work, so I'm missing something.

Here is the .htm:

<script language="JavaScript">
adImages=new Array("ls0.jpg","ls1.jpg","ls2.jpg","ls3.jpg","ls4.jpg","ls5.jpg","ls6.jpg");
adURL=new Array("","","","","","","");
adALT=new Array("A&S Landscaping","A&S Hardscaping","A&S Walkways","A&S Terracing","A&S Drainage","A&S Tree Trimming","A&S Lawn Care");

thisAd = 0
imgCt = adImages.length
adCt = adImages.length

function rotate() {
  if (document.images) {
    if (document.cycle.complete) {
        if (thisAd == imgCt && thisAd == adCt) {
          thisAd = 0
        document.cycle.src = ""+adImages[thisAd];
        document.cycle.alt = "alt="+adALT[thisAd];
      setTimeout("rotate()", 4000)
function rotateLink() {[thisAd])
<body onload="rotate()">
<table align=center width=520  cellpadding=0 cellspacing=0 border=0>
<TD BGCOLOR="black" ALIGN="CENTER"  WIDTH="520" valign=middle>
<img src="userfiles/image/ls1.jpg" alt="St. Louis Landscaping" border="1" width="516" height=150 name="cycle">      
</TD></tr>  </table>
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From what I'm reading, this may be too advanced for EE, so just let me know.
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You were correct - I just wasn't far enough in to get it, but I did exactly that!
Thanks for the points and sry for being a tad rude...