Is there a better IDE than Dev-C++, to develop source *.c programs to be compiled at unix RH9?


I need to develop source *.c programs to be compiled and used under unix red hat 9. So far, I have used IDE (Integrated Development Environment) Dev-C++ from, because it's easier and faster to edit  and test them under windows XP and later send them to unix RH9 to be compiled with gcc, but I think there should be a better IDE with more tools to debug, better editor, etc., Do you recommend me any one better?

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evilrixSenior Software Engineer (Avast)Commented:
I write all my code (all of which is actually targeting Linux) using Visual Studio, which I then cross compile using gcc after. You can download the free version of Visual Studio Express if you wish to try this out.

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Harisha M GEngineerCommented:
I would recommend Code::Blocks
It's free and feature rich. It is available in both, Windows as well as Linux. (See more features:

Here you go:
What about using Eclipse?

or the wxDevC++ (same as Devc++ but never version:
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Ah - netbeans has not been mentioned yet.

I would recommend you to stick with cross platform software and use ecplise or code blocks for C++.
shamigc3Author Commented:
His solution whas not and IDE with c language intention, it's designed for c++, c#, so it did not debuged my original 'c' code as I asked first.
evilrixSenior Software Engineer (Avast)Commented:
>> His solution whas not and IDE with c language intention
Visual Studio Express for C++, like nearly all C++ compilers, can compile C (gcc can also compile C and C++). I would not have recommended it otherwise. If the source files are .c rather than .cpp they will automatically be compiled a C and not C++ code.

"How to Run C Program in Visual Studio"

>>  it's designed for c++, c#
Express version comes as different versions. The one you want is C++ Express, which will compile C code quite happily.

In future, before you close a question, if you are unsure about something please just ask.
evilrixSenior Software Engineer (Avast)Commented:
Oh and in case you hadn't noticed the following answers that you selected only discuss C++.


I am not suggesting you shouldn't have selected them but I am saying you didn't apply your basis for selecting answers uniformly.
as you are refering to my postings, I would like to quote the first sentence of the Eclipse CDT Website
"The CDT Project provides a fully functional C and C++ Integrated Development Environment..."
as well as the first sentence of the netbeans website:
"Develop professional native applications in C..."
I think I was not "only discussing C++".

These IDEs (in contrast to the Microsoft thing that squeezes you into some _predefined_formfactor_no_freedom_no_compatibility_without_additional_microsoft_stuff_language_"version"_of C++) are fully ready to be used for C development and run on most operating systems. But this will always be subject to debates I guess :)

Happy New Year to everyone.
evilrixSenior Software Engineer (Avast)Commented:
@Kendor, I already said there was no objection from me on the selection of the other answers but on face value they do only address C++. I was making the point that the asker only had to ask for more information if things were not clear.

>> in contrast to the Microsoft thing that squeezes you into some _predefined_formfactor_no_freedom_no_compatibility_without_additional_microsoft_stuff_language_"version"_of C++

Actually, the compiler supplied with Visual Studio is fully compliant with ANSI C (89 and 90) as well as the C99 standard. The fact that it also supports Microsoft's own technologies does not preclude this. There is nothing to prevent you writing ANSI standard C code with Microsoft' compiler, which will build correctly straight out of the box. It also comes with an extensible debugger that is far superior to any other I have used. For that reason alone I would choose Visual Studio over all other IDEs.

Harisha M GEngineerCommented:
Since when did the experts start to evaluate their own answers in EE?
evilrixSenior Software Engineer (Avast)Commented:
>> Since when did the experts start to evaluate their own answers in EE?
Since the question required opinion and had no specific criteria for acceptance. In other words, all suggestions made were valid so there was no valid reason to be selective when choosing answers. If you object feel free to click "Request Attention" and ask the moderators to review this again.
I just wonder how long it still takes to definitely close this question? I'm getting annoyed by the daily comment notifications. Evilrix has received his 500 points so there should be no objection anymore to shut this, no?
Harisha M GEngineerCommented:
evilrix, it is unfair on your side to ask the moderator to consider your comment as a valid answer, even after the asker clarified why he didn't choose your comment as the answer after you got this question reopened. I thought you knew these subtleties, being the zone advisor here.

and modus_in_rebus,
>> Given that your reason for not accepting evilrix's post turned out to be incorrect
on what basis? evilrix's own comments?
actually mgh_mgharish is right on this. His answer was in plus downgraded to "Assisted" instead of the assigned "Accepted Solution" as originally intended by the author.
evilrixSenior Software Engineer (Avast)Commented:

The asker's reason for not selecting my answer was based on a misunderstanding by the asker. Do you have any doubt that the answer I provided is actually correct? The question asked for opinion, and the opinion I provided is valid. Do you really disagree with this?

>> I thought you knew these subtleties, being the zone advisor here.
Precisely I do - and that is exactly why I objected, because there was no valid reason to discount my answer.

>> on what basis? evilrix's own comments?
The moderators do not close questions just based on the opinion of one expert (even if that expert happens to be a zone advisor). What you don't see is that there are ways and means for the moderators to get expert opinion from other moderators and ZAs.

>> Evilrix has received his 500 points
I am not so much concerned with the points as ensuring that the thread is correctly PAQ'ed. This thread is searchable by others and since my answer is perfectly valid it should also be visible to others. That said, I provided an answer in good faith, it was a valid answer and there is no reason it should not receive a fair share of the points.

Since it seems there is concern with the way this was handled I have request another moderator (other than MIR) review the closure again. Kendor, since you already have a request open for this question (blocking the ability for me to create a new one) I have posted in your request.
evilrixSenior Software Engineer (Avast)Commented:
Since my only real concern is that a valid answer is preserved in the PAQ. If it pleases everyone, I am happy for the question to be reopened and my answer receive the minimum points (20) to ensure it is PAQ'ed.

Thanks MM.
Harisha M GEngineerCommented:
As per the general EE guidelines, if a moderator is supposed to reassign the points,

1. He is supposed to mention the comments it with links to the comments.
2. He is also supposed to mention the comment which will be taken as the "Accepted answer"
3. He is supposed to wait for four days and ask for objections, if any, from others.

Which of these was followed in this question? And, as Kendor rightly pointed out, my answer was degraded to "Assisted" from "Accepted", without my notice.
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