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DELL Insprion E1405

dell insprion E1405 PC restore issuses (PC Restore no longer works)
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If restore doesn't work, you can do one of the following ...

(1)  Purchase restore disks from Dell

(2)  Install from a standard OS installation disk [XP, Vista, or '7)

(3)  If you happen to have an image of the OS that you saved, simply restore the image.
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If you are referring to system restore, you will find that some malware disables the feature. Download, install, and update Malwarebytes Antimalware, choose the options to update and run the program during install. Run a quick scan.
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All later Dell models come with an exact copy of the original factory software, and operating system on a hidden partition on the drive. The problem is that the "PC Restore software" is not on the drive. The hidden partition is there, but can not be accessed without that program. The thing that really gets me is that dell has this software at hand, but will not just hand it over to the consumer. Even though you bought the computer, you own the computer. They will only do it is if the PC is in warranty, or if the consumer pays the service fee for out of warranty units. This is such a simple fix, and yet?! Thanks for your support by the way! I just don't want have to charge a non-sense fee of $90.00 to the customer for such ridiculous incident.
If the partition is indeed intact and not corrupted, you can usually boot directly to it by making it the active partition.    Simply use any 3rd party partition management tool to set it as the active partition;  then boot the system.
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Win PE revealed that the dell partition is damaged.