Browser Password Save with jquery form submit

We need to be able to allow users to save their login information on form submission.    The form submission process is handled by jquery.     If we just use an empty  <form method="post" action="" id="login_form"></form> around the form fields, it works just fine in Firefox but IE just returns to the login page without showing that the form has processed successfully - which is has because the header now shows the user's name, etc.    Is there something I can do to force IE to ignore the actual submission??
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Michel PlungjanIT ExpertCommented:
Yes, don't attach the jQuery to a submit button but just to a button

Please show the jQuery where you bind the action
digitalwiseAuthor Commented:
We are using an image tag - not a submit button - <input type="image" src="../images/footerlogin.jpg" ALT="Submit" border="0" onmouseover="this.src = '../images/footerlogin_over.jpg';" onmouseout="this.src = '../images/footerlogin.jpg';" id="btnLogin" />.    
$(document).ready( function() {
	//attach event handlers
	$("#btnLogin").click( function() { login(); });
	//populate from cookie (remember me checkbox..)?

function login() {

	var login = $("#txtUser").val();
	var pwd = $("#txtPwd").val();
	$.post("main.php", { action: 'login', login: login, pwd: pwd }, function(data) {
		if ( data.substr( 0, 5 ) == 'Error' ) {
			$("#errMsg").html( data.substr( 7 ) );
		} else {
			//set cookie

			createCookie( 'user', login, .5 );
			createCookie( 'companyName', data[0], .5);
           createCookie( 'nomin', data[1], .5);

			//createCookie( 'companyName', data, .5);
			//redirect to page they were trying to access
			window.location = 'index.html';

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Michel PlungjanIT ExpertCommented:
that is ALSO a submit.

Use a button or an image

<button id="btnLogin"><img src="login.jpg"/></button>

<img id="btnLogin" src="login.jpg"/>

or best (since it does not stop the user from submitting if javascript is disabled: Simply have a normal form with userid and password. and set the cookie on the server

It does not make much sense in using jQuery so heavily that a user cannot even login to your site unless javascript is enabled

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digitalwiseAuthor Commented:
Ah - thank you!    I inherited this site - didn't do any of the coding - I completely agree with the absurdity of the coding.  
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