Podcasts without an IPod?

Lets say I would like to automate the download of theses weekly podcasts:

Most are offered as podcasts and mp3 downloads. Is there a quick and easy way to setup automatic downloading of these?- Caveat, I do not have an Iphone or an Ipod. I do plan to get a Zune. Right now just using an mp3 player and downloading and transferring manually. VERY Time consuming.
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You can have iTunes download them automatically, though I don't know what format they would be in.  You could then possibly transfer directly to the mp3 player (depending on it's capability) or you might have to convert them to a different format.  It sounds like just installing itunes and setting them to download automatically would be a big help to you though.
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In agreement with SundanceRyan...the reason itunes is so popular is that it has largest library of music
podcast etc
You want to download and install itunes
Then set up an account in the itunes store...this is  their gotcha..
Then under podcast in the store directory navigate to your podcast and subscribe
When itunes is running it will automatically "get" podcast
You can also of course download specific dated podcast.
Next, then just listen through itunes on your computer
You can manually control the way you manage your downloaded
library of podcast and drag and drop to a MPEG-4 AAC compatible player
or if it is compatible let it sync automatically with your library.
iTunes music can play on any device that is MPEG-4 AAC compatible.
It can also encode to MP3 for all the mp3 players
Go to [edit], [preferences], [general tab] [import settings] to specify the encoding
I have been dealing with itunes for some time now myself and for other clients and
as far as I am concerned it is not easily maintained on Windows.. i don't have mac
experience .. the reason i say that is for some reason or another it goes by by ..doesn't start..
act like its got a problem..if you know what i mean...
The fix is easy though .. just make sure you have the folder [c:\all programs\itunes] folder backed up
to another location and reinstall...when you are finished reinstalling  copy the backed up folder over the
newly installed (same location) folder and you have your library back and settings...


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10023Web site maintenance and designCommented:
Not sure forcefield is on itunes ..it appears the other three are on itunes after a driveby
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